Regardless of who wins the White House, can the US restore good paying jobs for an expanding middle class?

Question by Andy F: Regardless of who wins the White House, can the US restore good paying jobs for an expanding middle class?
I wonder about that, myself.

From my admittedly biased perspective, the Romney – Ryan people seem to be proposing to “fix” the economy by (a) wrecking the environment and (b) letting the corporations push down wages until US labor becomes as cheap as Chinese labor.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the GOP is just pandering to the super-rich, and proposing to let giant multinational corporations do whatever they want to US society, in hopes that even the greediest companies will find the “investment client” so good here that they’re respond by creating a few new American jobs.

From my admittedly biased (marxist) perspective, Obama and the Democrats seem to waffling on what they’ll do to create new jobs.

True: they’re trying to inch ahead with small government spending programs and hoping that the Federal Reserve can stimulate investment and job growth through “quantitative easing.” But I don’t see the Democrats as willing or able to tackle the main forces of global capitalism — including globalism, and corporate cost-cutting, and union-busting — that are driving the American middle class onto the endangered species list.

I prefer the Dems to the GOP – I don’t want to live in an American version of the Chinese economic “miracle.” But I wonder if either party is tough enough or smart enough to restore the American jobs machine to what it once was — say — in the 1960s.

What do other people on YA Politics think?
Note to Gungy: My sense of the GOP being committed to environmental destruction mostly comes from the Tea Party’s opposition to regulations, Romney’s criticisms of the EPA and Romney’s campaign promises to promote more domestic oil & gas development in the US, while getting the government away from subsidizing wind & other forms of renewable energy.

More US oil & gas production and less US support for wind energy is a recipe for environmental destruction, I think.

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7 Responses to “Regardless of who wins the White House, can the US restore good paying jobs for an expanding middle class?”

  1. mopar Mike says:

    The answer to the question is hinged on the part you dismissed with ” Regardless ”

    ” Maybe I’m wrong ”

    You are wrong. And more than likely indulge in a lot of liberal media.

  2. Zombie88 says:

    I don’t think this is a question but your attempt at brainwashing. I believe in hard work and earning a living, and in America we celebrate success, we don’t punish it.

    Only a lifelong government hack with Obama would have a problem with a self made man, perhaps because Romney never did worthless organizing.

  3. David says:

    7 of the 10 richest members of Congress are Democrats. NEITHER party cares about you.

  4. Stereotypemebecauseyouknow says:

    The Democrats here in New York not only went to court to keep corporate welfare, but handed $ 300 million to my huge competitor to come here. They handed them tax breaks and cheap power as well, and now they undercut our company by paying low wages. But, the democrats are better. How? Because you don’t even know about it? Because the media buried that court case because they did not think you should know?

    Unreal. No wonder most liberals are children and non business owners.

    Democrats run NY state and hand out enormous contracts to their friends, and somehow the Left thinks that doesn’t create the 1%. Oh, wait…it’s your 1%, and they can put us in jail for not paying.

  5. Gungy says:

    At least you admit having a “biased perspective”. Reading your post seemed like the print version of MSNBC talking points.

    As a biased conservative, let me ask you what a conservative would ask……Exactly where do you get your info that Romney/Ryan specifically will wreck the environment? Asking you anything else about your post would be the same common sense approach. Where do you get your data from that Romney/Ryan will do what you say they’ll do specifically with them?

  6. Jim says:

    this economy cannot and WILL not improve until this incompetent BOOB is thrown out of the White House!

  7. Emmett says:

    Neither Obama nor Romney will help us.
    Gary Johnson is better qualified then both of those guys.
    If you want to know how to fix the economy, go to
    In my opinion it’s the best way. It also wouldn’t create any more spending.
    Live Free!!!