What are some tips on saving money?

Question by Cutseymommax: What are some tips on saving money?
So, recently I find myself spending more, and more, and running out of money. What are some tips on saving money? Any response would be much appreciated! 🙂

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Answer by Rosalee
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6 Responses to “What are some tips on saving money?”

  1. Dan says:

    -cut back on dining
    -buy generics
    -try going to shrinkingbills.com
    -cancel services that arent needed such as cable. everything you need in on the web
    -cook at home
    -get a list of everything you get per week/per month and take out the thing that arent needed

  2. Judy says:

    Open a savings account and start saving.

  3. arooba says:

    see http://www.BiznFin.com
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  4. Jenny says:

    Money does have wings on it, I find getting free stuff online keeps me out of wal-mart where I can spend 100 bucks a day if I’m not careful, here’s a great site to start the ball rolling. http://www.freeworldreport.blogspot.com Hold on to your money 😉

  5. Tomel says:

    Divide your expenses into “Mandatory” and “Discretionary”. Begin eliminating the discretionary and keep eliminating them until you’ve gained control over your finances. If eliminating the discretionary expenses isn’t enough, begin looking at ways to reduce the mandatory expenses (e.g. a vehicle may be mandatory to get to work, but an older or less expensive vehicle or public transportation are possible alternatives).

    Mandatory Expense Examples:
    1. Shelter (apartment, home)
    2. Food (just nourishing home-prepared food, not eating out or junk food)
    3. Clothing (just the basics)
    4. Health Insurance/Medical Expenses
    5. Transportation to/from work (a car pool, public transportation)

    Discretionary Expense Examples:
    1. Eating out / junk food
    2. Cable TV
    3. Internet
    4. Cell Phone
    5. Vacations
    6. Other entertainment that you have to pay for
    7. Expensive clothes, expensive cars, etc.

  6. Storm R says:

    Rocket Scientists never begin construction of a rocket launch without a new comprehensive set of design standards. However, most of us go blindly through the world without a hint of an idea about finances and without any plan.

    Not very smart of us, right?

    A money plan is called a budget and is crucial for us to reach our desired financial goals.

    Without a plan that drift aimlessly and find themselves isolated in remote reef Financial.